DNA Special Interest Group

From Genetic Genealogy in Practice, Blaine T. Bettinger and Debbie Parker Wayne, National Genealogical Society Publisher, 2017, p 125:
"Genealogists who are not yet using DNA in their own writings must grasp enough of the subject to be able to evaluate the writings of peers who are incorporating DNA."
The DSGR DNA Special Interest Group has been formed as a learning organization where we exchange our findings as we explore the growing subject of Genetic Genealogy.
For information, to offer a suggestion, or to volunteer to lead a discussion, email us at DSGR DNA SIG.
If you have not taken the DNA Interest Survey, please click on SURVEY and enter your responses.   It will let us know our members level of understanding and also the expectations that each has from their participation in this group.   We need full participation in the survey to maximize our success.
We have held organizational meetings after our regular meetings before we start up with our DNA SIG sessions.   Notes from those sessions can be downloaded by clicking on I WOULD LIKE THE NOTES.
Notes and handouts from our 2018 and 2019 meetings are available. Click on (I Would Like the Notes) or on Handout menu item on the left side.