Index to the Denissen Volumes

Genealogy of the French Families of the Detroit River Region by Rev. Father Christian Denissen. 
This publication was initially a Bicentennial project of the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research and the Burton Historical Collection of the Detroit Public Library. This project has been approved by the Detroit Bicentennial commission as an authorized Bicentennial project.  In 1987, a revision to the work was created as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, which is when it  became a two-volume set. The index which follows encompasses both volumes. This work was published by the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research. Copyright is owned by the Burton Historical Collection under whose permission it appears here. All rights are reserved. This work appears here for personal research use only.
The index appears in seven parts. Prior to the Index Files, the Front of the Volume pages are available for you to review. These pages contain the necessary citation information you will need if your ancestors appear in this work, an explanation of how the work was created and updated, a guide to how the work is laid out, and how each of the names appears and the information that can be expected.  Be sure to review this Front of the Volume document before diving into the full volume.  Click on the range of surnames to review the pages of interest. Only the index is available to the public. The full digitization of this work is available in the Members Only section of the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research website. 
DOCUMENTED corrections to the contents of the Denissen volumes can be logged into the Denissen Forum using the format indicated at the top of the page.