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Vermontville Cemetery
(Eaton County)
Vermontville, Michigan
This cemetery was transcribed in June 1940 by Mrs. Chalmers A. Monteith of Martin, Michigan. The transcriptions appeared in the DSGR magazine Volume 8, Number 3, January/February 1945 issue.
Description from the magazine:
"This old cemetery is one mile west of Vermontville on the south side of the Hastings road. It is in a deplorable condition, with graves so sunken that it is dangerous to walk around as myrtle and briars hide many pits. Lilac thickets completely surround some graves. Many of the stones are broken and often on their faces. Some of these I was unable to raise. It may be that some were missed due to debris and to the fact that I had no prodding rod with me. There is a steep bank on the side next to the road from which some of the stones can be clearly seen. That of earliest date is at the west end near the road and reads "Alex Clark died July 3, 1840." The latest is "Moses Cross died Dec. 23, 1891." A letter to the Supervisor of the township asking for any facts known by him regarding the history of this burying ground has not been answered."