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Redford Cemetery
15898 Telegraph Rd
Redford, MI 48239 USA

The Redford Cemetery was originally called Bell Branch Cemetery.  Although it was renamed Redford Cemetery in 1933 and the 1886 archway in the front fence also carries the name "Redford Cemetery," the names were used interchangeably through the mid-20th century.  It is still occasionally referred to as "The Bell Branch Cemetery" by members of the older generations.  With the passing of the generations born previous to 1930, the use of the name "Bell Branch" will probably disappear into the mists of time.

The Cemetery, located on the east side of Telegraph Road, one-half mile north of Five-mile Road, is located on land first deeded by the United States Government to Nathaniel Armstrong on 5 September 1837.  The Cemetery was deeded to the "peoples" of the township of Redford in three deeds as follows:

    1. A deed from Nathaniel A. Armstrong, dated 29 April 1840, and recorded 6 June 1840, covering 2 acres; consideration, $20.00

    2. A deed from Charles F. Nardin and wife, dated 22 December 1854, covering 2 1/3 acres; consideration, $172.96.

    3. A deed from Charles F. Nardin and Catharine S. Nardin, dated 14 July 1883, covering 5.8 acres; consideration, $580.00.

During the time the Cemetery property was owned by the Township of Redford, it was mainly kept up and maintained by the citizens of Redford and in the vicinity of Redford.  Through their efforts and contributions, in 1886 they constructed an iron fence along the front of the Cemetery at a cost of $1500.00

In the year 1926, when the City of Detroit annexed a portion of Redford, it acquired that part of the cemetery, amounting to about 7 acres, lying east of a line 200 feet east of and parallel to the center of Telegraph Road.  In March 1933, Descendants of the Redford Pioneers and people who had rights of burial in the cemetery formed a corporation under the laws of Michigan, known as the Redford Cemetery Association.