The DSGR Invites You to Join Us
Saturday, October 14, 2017
10:30 am
Explorer's Room, Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward Avenue, Detroit
"Let Your Fingers Do The Walking!" (City Directories)
Let's dig into city directories with Diane Oslund, and see what we can learn from them. Just how much can they tell us about our ancestors and other family members? Learn what they have to say about the community where our family resided. How can that help us in our research? Is there more there then you ever thought to look for?

DSGR Magazine status

UPDATE: Our new editor is now in place and currently working on Volume 80, issues 3 and 4 and Volume 81, issue 1.
Neither issue 3 or 4 of Volume 80 of the DSGR Magazine has been published as of this date. The Board of Directors are currently in the process of hiring a new Editor and intend to publish both issues in rapid succession as soon as the new Editor is on board.  We fully intend to be back on schedule starting with the next publication year.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this time of personnel change.
DSGR Board of Directors

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