Saturday, April 18

Saturday, April 18, 10:30 am
CANCELLED -- “A Genetic Genealogy Overview” - James Sims, Ph.D.
Explorer's Room at the Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI
“A Genetic Genealogy Overview” All of us carry around our genetic genealogy, preserved in the DNA passed to us by our ancestors. The current generation is the first to have access to DNA records. Those who learn to use these new records are in a position to make discoveries that were not previously possible. Like traditional genealogy sources, there are several different kinds of DNA records. Each type of DNA record provides different information about our genetic ancestors. The techniques needed to read and understand them varies by record type. Join Dr. James Sims as he provides a  broad overview of the field of genetic genealogy with examples drawn from his research. 


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Spring Training: Play Ball!

Group portrait of Detroit Tigers baseball players, posing with unidentified man at spring training.
Handwritten on back: "1940, Lakeland."
Photography courtesy of the Detroit Public Library's Burton Historical Digital Collection.